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Tekla and Maruhide Koki provide an application called PIPELABO

Tokyo — With an application called PIPELABO, the 3D building information modeling (BIM) data of round and square steel pipes designed in Tekla Structures software can be automatically transformed into pipe cutting data for Maruhide's Pipe Coaster machines. This enables labor and cost savings and prevents incorrect data at data entry. The solution will be available as of July 1, 2011.

Japanese steel pipe cutting machine supplier Maruhide Koki Co. Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with Tekla in June 2010, and since then the companies have worked together on software application development using the Tekla Open API™ programming interface.

“By utilizing Tekla Open API, PIPELABO can be used to create much more accurate calculations than before," says Hideo Seki, President of Maruhide Koki. "It has a number of features, such as selection of many ways required for the weld preparation, such as bevel angle and the method of bevel, as well as rebuilding of the assembly sequence. This is because cutting data is automatically and all at once transformed from a 3D model, including detailed data for every single item. Even with the diversification of recent pipe structural design, the complex process from design to cutting work can now be done more smoothly due to obtaining accurate cutting data. We have received many requests for a direct interface with Tekla Structures from our customers all over the world, and we believe that the completion of PIPELABO development can provide a significant technical innovation to the pipe fabrication process of many of our customers.”

“Maruhide Koki, who have been a world-class pioneer in supplying pipe cutting machinery for more than 40 years, announce that this software link enables a much more advanced 3D process of pipe cutting than before," says Shintaro Miyamoto, President of Tekla K.K. in Japan. “Based on the many years of experience and knowledge of engineers and manufacturers in pipe fabrication, this new interface will certainly improve efficient, high-quality steel pipe production without unnecessary human intervention. Tekla will continue to support the realization of advanced 3D high-speed machining technologies together with Maruhide Koki."

With the recent spread of BIM worldwide, there have been many requests from the customers of Maruhide Koki to use 3D design information effectively in their production process, and this collaboration was achieved in response to their demands. Tekla and Maruhide Koki will continue to collaborate to provide products and services to enhance their customers’ business efficiency and competitiveness.

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