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Microdesk predicts further proliferation of cloud computing, BIM, mobile and collaboration practices

NEW YORK – As 2012 approaches, Microdesk, a leading provider of business and technology consulting services to help firms successfully plan, design, build and operate land and buildings, has announced its list of Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations (AECO) industry predictions and a resolution for the upcoming year at Autodesk University.

Calling on their experience working closely with some of the nation's largest architecture, engineering and construction companies, Microdesk has compiled the following list of predictions that reflect the current technological innovations taking place in the AECO industry, highlighting trends that firms can stay ahead of in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive and tech-savvy market. The top five trends for 2012 that AECO companies should prepare for now include:

• Let's Go Virtual: Firms will look to pushing the envelope of what's possible in the cloud.

Cloud computing and the utilization of virtualization technologies are allowing AECO firms to engage in new ways. This trend will continue to unfold in 2012, further pushing the boundaries of communication and collaboration among remote teams and virtual work environments.

• Proliferation of Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM is here to stay – and expect more companies to embrace this technology that is transforming an entire industry.

As expected, we've seen growing adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the design and construction sectors. In 2012, BIM will continue to transform the industry, with more architectural firms and building owners recognizing the same opportunities, benefits and values.

• Beyond the Desktop: Mobile will take AECO whenever and wherever, moving past desktop limitations.

Mobile adoption throughout the AECO industry will rise as work traditionally limited to the desktop migrates to a mobile environment. More devices will be used to streamline workflows, share ideas and access data from anywhere.

• Stronger Reliance on New Technologies: Firms will speed up to keep pace with innovation.

The AECO industry will adopt technology faster in order to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve ROI. This will enable a more sustainable, manageable approach to the planning, design, building and operation of buildings and infrastructure.

• A Holistic Approach: It's time for a collaboration the industry has never seen before.

As the industry continues to educate itself on advanced technologies such as BIM, firms will see the need to increase collaboration amongst all project participants. More companies will focus on forging new relationships in order to operate under a holistic approach that serves the bottom line.

Microdesk speaks from a unique position as a committed partner to many AECO firms. With a team that includes architects, engineers, surveyors, GIS analysts, facilities and asset managers, IT experts and software developers, Microdesk is able to gather valuable insight into the entire lifecycle of the building process.

"We have a vision for the AECO industry," said Michael DeLacey, president of Microdesk. "It includes limitless opportunities enabled by today's technology and firms that are removed from the binds of the desktop. As we reflect on our predictions for continued technological innovation and adoption, AECO firms must also resolve to increase cross-company communication in order to interact and collaborate with each other in ways never before thought to be possible."

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